Personal Privacy

All information on this site is handled in accordance with Canada's Fair Information Principles. For the purposes of this issue, personal information is defined as any detail that identifies a specific individual. This does not include business names, addresses, e-mail addresses, contact numbers, or other information readily found in public directories or listings.

This site does require registration information as a condition of service. However, your participation is completely optional. If you do not want to provide personal information then don't. You simply will not be able to participate in the activity. Once you do register though, you have the right to access and change your personal information or privacy preferences at any time.

The information we do collect is considered user or registration information. That information is kept safe in an encrypted database. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes stated; not shared or sold to third parties. Only aggregate data, stripped of any details that could identify a specific person, is shared with other parties, and only then for statistical analysis.

If you believe that this policy regarding your personal information has not followed, you can reach us at the points of contact listed below:

Scott Bootes and Associates
1530 Albion Road, Suite 4770
Etobicoke, ON M9V 1B4